Your firm needs world-class people

As an offshoring provider, CLEAR has the same critical challenge as every business – how to best add value for our clients. We’ve adapted our business to best address our clients’ needs in the new reality.  

In this edition of our weekly series on what we’ve learned and how offshoring can help your firm meet the critical challenge, our focus is on people. 

The right people for your internal team are world class: people who understand your strategy and are effective in helping you implement it. It’s about a lot more than skills and experience. 

One impact of COVID-19 is the surge in videoconferencing and other remote working technologies. Working remotely has led many businesses to consider how they access people. Wherever in Australia a labour hire firm is located, it is now asking: how can I get the best people? Whether they are local, in Australia or anywhere in the world. 

Offshoring is one avenue to open up your potential pool of talent. Providers are located around the world. Some focus on cost, others on timezones. There are highly specialised providers and large-scale generalists. 

The critical issue is the quality of people. And that’s a lesson we had to learn as a business. In the past, we would find someone who met the skills and experience a client wanted. It took us time to understand how vital world-class people are. Why? Because great people understand what their clients need and deliver great outcomes.  

We now view skills and experience as ‘tablestakes’. Our focus is on character: is this a highly skilled professional who is ALSO a great person? 

However you choose to access talent, you also need that focus on quality. Don’t accept second best. Why? Because great people deliver great outcomes. Others don’t. 

Next week, we will look at the importance of the right systems to your firm. 


All the best 

Rob Connell 

Managing Director 


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