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You need to focus on your business, not your staff.

CLEAR’s offshore staffing solutions let you execute your strategy with the right people, systems and cost base.

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Right People

Skills and experience aren’t enough. Our proprietary recruitment framework identifies highly skilled professionals who are also great people. Why? Great people understand your strategy and execute it effectively. We provide them with outstanding leadership, so they are clear on your goals and how to achieve them.

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Right Systems

Great people need connectivity and access to information to deliver for your customers. We guide our clients to ensure their systems work effectively with their offshore teams.

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Right Cost Base

Our solutions help get your cost base right. It’s not just about cost – a great solution delivers value in increased efficiency, increased revenue or decreased risk.

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Your Perfect Solution

Successful offshoring is a partnership. We are committed to your success and the perfect solution to achieve your goals. We help you use offshoring smarter and maximise your investment. We work with you to smooth things out if there are bumps in the road.

Meet CLEAR's Team


Robert Connell

Managing Director

Rob has worked across operational management, law and advisory for 20 years in Australia, Europe and the US. He has owned, managed and advised businesses across multiple industries.

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Francis Laroza

Operations Manager

Francis leads our Philippine team in delivering world-class offshoring solutions for our clients.

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Kate Urfano

People Acquisition

Kate leads our People Acquisition Team to identify and secure world-class people for our clients.

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Shaynne Gumban

Service Delivery

Shaynne is responsible primarily for labour hire and finance clients. She leads our great people in delivering outcomes for their clients.

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MJ Marco

Service Delivery

MJ is responsible for clients with support and administration solutions. She leads great people in helping achieve their clients’ goals.

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Jelie Santos

Client Success

Jelie works closely with Service Delivery and People Acquisition. She is our clients’ internal champion – always looking to improve client outcomes.

Stop worrying about staff and start focusing on strategy and execution.