The importance of workflows

More and more Australian SEO agencies are incorporating offshoring to help improve workflows.

Developing a workflow is a challenge – you must see the big picture, whilst keeping an eye on every detail that goes into it.

An offshoring provider can help you enhance workflows to streamline and automate repeatable tasks, minimise errors and increase overall efficiency.

There’s a number of other potential benefits of offshoring.

They can be grouped in to Risk, Management and Accountability.



  1. Reduced delivery risk. An offshoring partner can help you delegate a large volume of tasks. You can break down your processes and offshore them by task type. This allows you to set progressive milestones and checkpoints to monitor progress and deliverables.
  1. Streamlined processes. Offshoring puts a spotlight on your workflows and processes. If you track your workflow progress, you can determine imperfect or redundant steps. For example, some of our clients use automation software that identifies opportunities to accomplish two tasks simultaneously instead of sequentially.


  1. Structured processes. Your workflows help drive structure in your agency and with your offshoring provider. They enable you to assign responsibilities and empower people to take on tasks. This helps foster a transparent, collaborative environment where everyone knows exactly what is expected and how success is measured and assessed.
  1. Improved communication. Communication affects every aspect of your business. Workflows provide a standard procedure for your local staff and offshore team to follow. It provides clarity and transparency and facilitates simpler communication and expectations management.
  1. Faster onboarding process. With detailed and documented workflows, it’s easier and faster to onboard new local staff and also expand with an offshoring provider. Training on how your agency ‘works’ is simplified and codified, which should bring new team members up to speed more quickly.


  1. Improved accountability. Where you break down a process and implement milestones and checkpoints, you’re building an accountability framework. That framework can help you not just assess and monitor your offshoring provider’s service. It also allows you to increase accountability for your local team. When they are freed up from keyword search work, they have more time for value-added work, relationship management and business development. There’s a variety of easy-to-use CRM applications that can help you and your team track their activity and performance.
  1. Measurable performance. An offshoring solution must always provide you the opportunity to monitor and measure the performance of your processes. Identifying errors leads to solutions that help mitigate risk and improve performance.
  1. Detailed audit trail. Your offshoring provider should be able to utilise your management software to record progress and completed tasks. Where something does go wrong, it provides a ready reference to determine where the failure occurred and how to prevent it recurring.

With the guidance and support of your offshore provider, you can improve every process in your agency. Start small. Gradually eliminate weaknesses in your processes, which will decrease risk and help you successfully operate and scale your practice.

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