The critical challenge for your business

As an offshoring provider, CLEAR has the same challenge as every business – how to best add value for our clients. 

This is the first in a weekly series of emails that brings together what we’ve learned and how we believe offshoring can assist growing businesses address the critical challenge. 

Great companies want to make a difference to their customers. They want to make a meaningful difference to their customer’s lives through their products and services. At the same time, you have to make an appropriate return for what you provide. 

Your business’s success hinges on everything being ‘right’: 

  1. The right strategy and clients 
  2. The right people  
  3. The right systems 
  4. The right cost base.

We believe there is one right strategy: to precisely define your target market and direct a superior offering to them. The right customers understand the value that your offering provides. 

You need the right people – those who understand your strategy and are effective in executing it. Great people are great anywhere, whether they’re in the office next to you, working from home or working elsewhere in Australia or the world. 

Your systems must facilitate connectivity and access to information such that your great people – wherever they are – can always deliver for your customers. 

 If your cost base isn’t correct, you won’t achieve an appropriate return for what you provide. But price isn’t the sole criterion – if something has a low price but damages your efficiency or decreases value to your customers, its cost is massively high. 

Next week, we will look at the importance of great people. 


All the best 

Rob Connell 

Managing Director 


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