Get your client focus back

Offshoring provide access to additional skilled resources. When your local and offshore teams collaborate effectively, you can provide clients with a seamless and high-quality experience.

Clients are increasingly looking for their MSP to provide more than technical support: they are seeking a partner that can guide them in how to use technology to drive their business forward.

Your offshore team can help your business become more efficient, more structured and allow you to focus on your clients:

1. Increased strategic focus

Your local staff now has the opportunity to think – about your clients, about their challenges and opportunities and about how to best help clients meet those challenges and opportunities. With you, they can develop solutions to help clients get the most out of their businesses.

2. Increased client acquisition

Where your local staff aren’t bogged down, they can help you identify and capture new clients. There are a variety of client acquisition strategies that take time and attention to develop and deploy effectively. These include:

  • Identifying prospects who meet your ideal client profile
  • Building your prospects’ awareness of your MSP businesses and its services
  • Strategic cold outreach and client visits
  • Various networking opportunities.

3. Increased client account management

The easiest, lowest cost sale is to someone who already knows and works with your MSP. Effective account management isn’t checking in to see how a client is going. It is a programmed, detailed plan to understand your clients’ needs and challenges. To make sure they are aware of initiatives or new services from your MSP. To ensure they understand that you’re continuing to invest in them once they’ve become clients.

With the support of the offshore team in dispatch and troubleshooting, your local staff can focus their time and effort on client contact and business opportunities.

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