Get world-class people through offshoring

As an offshoring provider, CLEAR has the same critical challenge as every business – how to best add value for our clients. We’ve adapted our business to best address our clients’ needs in the new reality. 

In this edition of our weekly series on what we’ve learned and how offshoring can help your agency meet the critical challenge, the focus is people. 

The right people for your agency are world class: people who understand your strategy and are effective in helping you implement it. It’s about a lot more than skills and experience. 

Recruitment is competitive. Great people are in demand everywhere, including in offshoring. Because of that demand, great people can earn more in offshoring than working for a local company. That higher earning potential is also attractive to other (not great) people. So, how do you get world-class people through offshoring? 

Fundamentally, your offshoring provider needs to be able to identify and attract great people. Identifying requires an effective mechanism to source and select people who will excel and, as importantly, filter out people who can’t achieve what you need. Attracting is about more than money. Naturally, compensation and benefits must align with skills and experience. But a great person can get a job for the right money anywhere. A great person is looking for an environment where they can excel. Produce valuable outcomes. Work with other great people. Take opportunities to develop themselves and their careers. 

We learnt the lesson of quality of people as a business. In the past, we would find someone who met the skills and experience a client wanted and thought that was enough. But people who weren’t great failed to achieve what their clients needed. We even lost some great people who didn’t want to work around people like that. As a result, we developed a recruitment framework that views skills and experience as ‘tablestakes’. Our focus is on assessing character: is this a highly skilled professional who is ALSO a great person? The effects are dramatic: great people achieving great things for their clients. 

Working effectively with offshoring is challenging. It takes time, effort and commitment. If you’re not working with the very best people, you’re making successful offshoring almost impossible. 

Next week, we will look at how to get effectively managing world-class people. 


All the best 

Rob Connell 

Managing Director 


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