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Drive customer satisfaction with SLAs

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can play a vital role in customer support success. An SLA outlines deliverables that a provider is expected to provide to a client. For your support representatives, SLAs provide the timeframe and framework in which they need to resolve a customer concern or issue.  Here are some other reasons to drive […]

The impact of reducing customer response times

Response time plays a vital role in customer satisfaction. It can influence a customer’s perception of your company’s products and services. Studies have shown that a ‘timely response’ is still the most valued attribute of customer interaction.  Your customers don’t want to waste time when contacting your support team. They have urgent requests or concerns […]

3 reasons to provide First Contact Resolution to customers

First Contact Resolution (FCR) means you resolve your customer issues and concerns at first contact – without the need to follow up. It’s one element of customer service that helps measure your support team’s efficiency.  Customers expect your support team to know how to resolve their issues. Where your support team resolves a customer issue […]

3 tell-tale signs of poor customer support

Great customer service improves customer experience. If your customers aren’t satisfied with your service – they will likely consider other options or be less inclined to expand their relationship with you.  You need to look at your customers’ overall experience with you. To identify where problems lie and address them.  We’ve listed three tell-tale signs […]

4 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

A great customer experience solution is critical to your business’s success. It reduces cost to manage and helps retain happy and loyal customers to your brand. Great support drives customer engagement with your company. Whether it is resolving an issue in an efficient and well-explained manner – steps, deliverables and timelines – or capturing feedback […]

Preventing poor customer service

Poor customer service hurts your business. You risk losing a customer’s trust and their business. It will negatively impact your performance and profits in the long run.  Here are four ways to prevent poor customer service: Understand and analyse You can only provide the right resolution if you understand the problem. Customers reach out to […]