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4 Elements of Outstanding Customer Experience

A great customer experience solution is critical to your business’s success. It reduces cost to manage and helps retain happy and loyal customers to your brand.  Great support drives customer engagement with your company. Whether it is resolving an issue in an efficient and well-explained manner – steps, deliverables and timelines – or capturing feedback […]

The Impact of Poor Customer Service

Great customer experiences are critical in retaining and growing your customer base.   The right tools and resources enable you to consistently exceed customer expectations. Your customers’ experience with your support contributes to your business’s positioning in their minds.  Conversely, some problems in customer experience can badly damage customer perceptions and have knock on effects:  Reputational […]

Capturing Real-Time Customer Feedback Via Support

Capturing customer feedback via support provides a powerful tool for understanding and preventing customer issues. Your business is about your customers. Their feedback is a valuable source of information to improve business performance. Your customers use your products and services. They know what they like and what they don’t. Their insights can help you develop […]

The Importance of First Contact Resolution

First Contact Resolution (FCR) means you resolve your customer issues and concerns at first contact – without the need to follow up. It’s one element of customer service that helps measure your support team’s efficiency.  Customers expect your support team to know how to resolve their issues. Where your support team resolves a customer issue […]

Make Customer Support a Vital Aspect of Your Business

Customer support plays a vital aspect of your business. It helps you capture and retain customers. It can help differentiate your products and position your brand in customers’ minds. It can help make price less decisive in customers’ choices. It can even help you reduce marketing spend.  Great customer support can drive your business forward. […]

4 reasons to improve customer experience

Customer experience is about your customers’ interaction with you. It’s about exceeding their expectations, so they have positive perceptions of your brand, products and services.  There are four reasons to improve customer experience:  Increased customer loyalty Customers want to get their money’s worth – their perception of value. They want to spend their money on […]