Achieve your business goals with offshoring

As an offshoring provider, CLEAR has the same critical challenge as every business – how to best add value for our clients. We’ve adapted our business to best address our clients’ needs in the new reality. 

In this edition of our weekly series on what we’ve learned and how offshoring can help your agency meet the critical challenge, our focus is on achieving your business goals. Done right, offshoring can play a pivotal role in meeting those goals. 

A decision to use offshoring needs to increase revenue, increase efficiency or decrease risk. You need to understand your desired outcomes – what goal will offshoring help you achieve? That starts with both you and your offshore provider having a clear view of the challenges of your business and the steps you need to take to address them. 

It’s a cliché but you need an offshoring partner, not just a service provider. They need to invest the time to understand your business and goals. With you, they need to set out a plan to make a meaningful and measurable difference to achieving those goals. Your provider should guide you to make the most of your offshore solution and drive your ROI. You need consistent support and someone who resolves challenges, rather than points fingers. 

At CLEAR, we take this approach with clients. We also take it with our service providers. In assessing how we work during and after COVID, we reviewed how we connect with our clients. Our Internet connection is the critical element. From a risk perspective, we preferred staying with our incumbent provider. We don’t prioritise a small cost saving over consistency and reliability. We briefed the incumbent on our changed needs and let them know the business was theirs to lose. Their proposal came in substantially above the leading alternative. We let them know their proposal was too high and asked them to support us by bridging some of the gap. Unfortunately, their pricing team wouldn’t budge. We thanked them for their support and transitioned to the new provider. We will take the same open and risk adverse approach with our new provider – the business will always be theirs to lose. 

Next week, we will look at how to get world-class people through offshoring. 


All the best 

Rob Connell 

Managing Director 


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