4 Elements of Outstanding Customer Experience

A great customer experience solution is critical to your business’s success. It reduces cost to manage and helps retain happy and loyal customers to your brand. 

Great support drives customer engagement with your company. Whether it is resolving an issue in an efficient and well-explained manner – steps, deliverables and timelines – or capturing feedback regarding those aspects of your product that are resonating with customers. 

In working with our customer experience clients, we see 4 recurring elements in outstanding customer support. 

  1. Resolving customer complaints

Customers want their problem fixed. Those customers need to feel that resolving their concern is your top priority and that your support team is empowered to provide that resolution. 

Sometimes those customers will complain, typically voicing frustrations. Understanding why they’re frustrated is important. But customers want resolution much more than empathy. 

The steps, deliverables and timelines must be effectively communicated. Explain how you will resolve their case and when they can expect it to be completed. Follow up with them before that timeline expires. Manage their expectations effectively. 

  1. Providing first contact resolution

Resolving a complaint with clearly explained steps and timelines is important. Resolving it quickly is also very powerful. Having your support team trained and empowered to resolve as many queries as possible on the first contact – without needing to escalate an issue and delay resolution.  

  1. Building trust

Effectively and quickly resolving someone’s problem is a great start to building trust with them. And it can’t stop with the ticket being finalised. When your support staff ask, ‘is there anything else I can help you with today’, it can’t be a throwaway line or a conversation close. It has to be an opportunity for them to build on that trust with the customer. 

Customer experience is not just about problems. It is the most direct path to customer feedback on your products. Yes, that can be about bugs and problems. But it should also be about those aspects of your product that are resonating. What they really like. That feedback is invaluable for your product teams in emphasising those aspects. 

  1. Building retention

Customer retention flows from trust. Often, a customer’s only direct interaction with your company is via support. Where they have a great experience – even if they contacted support about a problem – you’re building trust and increasing the likelihood of retaining that customer.  

All great support solutions put the customer at the centre of the experience. They identify the customer’s problem. They identify how best to resolve that problem. They understand the importance of the customer’s time and the value to the company in delivering the resolution to that problem in a timely and effective manner. 

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