3 Challenges Offshoring Can Help You Overcome

I’m sure you would agree that it’s a challenging time to operate a nursing agency. There have been dramatic changes in the industry – increased competition, changing client expectations, ongoing technological change.

An offshoring provider can help you consistently deliver results at lower costs, so you can focus on developing solutions for the benefit of your clients.

Three challenges that an offshoring provider can help you overcome are:

  1. Cost

As a nursing agency, you help your clients manage their critical staffing needs. It’s driven by relationships with your clients and your roster of employees but usually also time sensitive and high pressure.

Most professionals want to focus on helping their clients succeed in their own businesses. But afterhours shift scheduling still needs to be done. Offshoring facilitates the delivery of that scheduling in a lower labour cost environment than in Australia.

  1. Workforce flexibility

Offshoring can help you address seasonal and structural increases and decreases in demand.

The flexibility is built into the system such that you can increase or decrease capacity in short order – typically on 1-2 months’ notice.

  1. Workflow management

More and more Australian nursing agencies are using offshoring to help improve workflows.

Developing a workflow is a challenge. You must hold in mind the big picture, whilst keeping an eye on every other detail that goes into it. That’s where an offshoring provider comes in – they can help enhance workflow to streamline and automate repeatable tasks, minimise room for errors and increase overall efficiency.

Offshoring – established correctly and managed properly – is a very effective tool to increase the effectiveness and capacity of nursing agencies. It’s one of the tools that businesses should consider in addressing how to be successful in the modern agency market.

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