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In the early 21st century, businesses increasingly outsourced to third party providers and suppliers outside their own country. These were commonly referred to as offshore outsourcing, which later became more widely known as just outsourcing.

Significantly reduced costs was often the primary reason for outsourcing but it soon became clear that this business strategy had other benefits as well. Outsourcing allowed for more flexibility, with businesses paying for only the services they need when they need them; reduced the need to hire and train specialized staff; and gave them the freedom to focus on their core business activities.

With these advantages it’s no wonder that outsourcing has grown by leaps and bounds and the Philippines is one of the countries that benefitted. Outsourcing in the Philippines has grown by 46% annually since 2006, supported by a highly skilled and educated work force with high proficiency in spoken English.

Despite the advantages of outsourcing however, some continue to hesitate. This is partially fueled by some myths that has been propagated over time.

Here are some of them:

Cultural and language differences prevent mutual understanding.

Filipinos are well acquainted with Western Culture and are highly proficient in spoken English and idioms. An estimated 92.58% of the Philippines’ 98.39 million population is able to speak English well because it is taught in schools, widely used in official functions, and prevalent in popular media.

Outsourcing is difficult because of significant time differences.

With proper preparation, clear instructions, and constant communication Business Process Outsourcing has never been easier especially with modern tools currently available. Some countries have it better than others such as Australia for example with a difference of only 1-3 hours between its time zone and the Philippines’.

Outsourcing is subject to security risk problems.

Most outsourcing companies take security very seriously. Some outsourcing companies like CLEAR go the extra mile by making sure that its client’s data is protected by using highly secure facilities with restricted access and tight data security through firewall controls and restrictions on use of personal devices in the workstations, making sure it is not only systemically but also procedurally secure.

Outsourcing is only for big companies.

This is probably one of the biggest myths out there, that only big businesses should outsource. Outsourcing is also a huge advantage for small to medium sized companies, allowing them to become more agile and respond better to the ever shifting demands of the marketplace. Providers like CLEAR offer customised solutions specifically for small to medium sized businesses in Australia. Usually – smaller business have more to gain by outsourcing than big business – they just need to find the right partner.

There are more myths out there, of course but these are just some of the most common. Learn the truth about outsourcing and don’t let these myths be the reason for your hesitation.

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