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The Philippines has become the go-to country for voice-related work in business, unseating India.

Experts project that the country’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry will generate close to US$ 25B billion in revenue. The BPO industry has helped turn the Philippines’s economy around in a very big way. Once known as the Sick Man of Asia, the Philippines is now one of the region’s fastest growing economy with projected growth rates of 7-10% over the next 10 years.

Aside from robust government support, the preference for the Philippines for voice related business work could be attributed to a few inherent qualities of its people.

1. Filipinos are sociable by nature and thrive on interpersonal relationships, which allow them to connect with their customers more easily than others.

2. Filipinos are natural people pleasers and do their best to be of service to their clients because they feel that the client’s satisfaction reflects on them personally.

3. Filipinos are an emphatic people and are sensitive to other people’s feelings making them excellent Customer Service Representatives.

4. Filipinos are non-confrontational and will frequently resort to de-escalating a tense situation rather than continuing arguing, a preferable trait in a CSR.

5. Filipinos are a naturally happy people and tend to smile a lot. This comes through in the calls making the experience more pleasant for the customers.

6. Filipinos speak excellent business English, well versed in popular idiomatic expressions, and are familiar with Western popular culture.

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