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These days, it seems that businesses big and small are getting into outsourcing and it’s no surprise given the advantages it brings.

By outsourcing their business’ non-core roles, companies are able to free up valuable time and resources. This translates into huge savings for the business, but more than that, outsourcing allows them the freedom to focus on their core business making the company more efficient. Their existing resources now have time to build stronger relationships with clients or to pursue new business opportunities.

But even so, should your business consider outsourcing?

Lee Kuan Yew, first Prime Minister of independent Singapore, said that “if you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business”.

So what exactly can you outsource?

Full Time Resources

If the position or task in your business does not require to be done face-to-face, then you can usually outsource it. Maybe it is data entry, administrative support or work done only over the phone, you can have a dedicated resource, working exclusively for you at a fraction of the cost of an Australian resource.

Approximately 93.5% of Filipinos are able to speak English and an average of 500,000 graduates join the Philippine workforce every year. Voice and Data support is reliable, skilled and in large supply. More and more businesses are accessing this type of solution for outsourcing as they are able to retain control, but still access the benefits of an outsourced solution.

Finance Services

You can outsource your finance functions to a highly qualified professional team at a fraction of the cost. This includes accounts payable and receivable management, invoicing creation and distribution, bookkeeping, management accounting and reporting, debt collection, and payroll processing.

Agree to an hourly arrangement, or a fixed fee based on a specific set of tasks to be repeated month to month. Businesses are taking away the administrative burden of managing and processing their back of house requirements to partners they can trust with more efficient processes and considerable cost savings.

Marketing and Creative

Marketing and creative services for various business requirements are one of the most common and in-demand business process outsourced today. This is typically done through an hourly rate model or a fixed fee arrangement depending on a business’ specific needs.

Businesses are having social media strategies created and implemented through outsourced providers. Websites and website content for SEO optimization is also a common outsourcing task in marketing.

Outsourced Paraplanning

Financial advisors, dealer groups and holders of individual ASFL licenses are also accessing outsourcing. Financial advisors look to outsource the administrative burden in creating a Statement of Advice to experienced Paraplanners to free up their time to focus on client relationships and new client acquisition.

Businesses large and small understand the need to access skilled workers at affordable rates. Outsourcing is giving these businesses a competitive advantage allowing them to spend time on their client relationships and less time on administrative tasks.

These are the top 4 tasks we see outsourced, but you’d be surprised at the things you can outsource and the advantages this will bring to your business.

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