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Get the CLEAR Outsourcing Advantage

What exactly do you get when you outsource your business process to CLEAR Corporate Solutions?

With a CLEAR dedicated outsourced staff solution, you pay an initial setup charge and a monthly management fee per staff member. There are no fixed-term contracts and we offer an 8-week staff replacement guarantee to ensure you have the right employee.

Your CLEAR dedicated outsourced staffing solution includes the following for your outsourcing solution’s setup:

* Consultation

* Recruitment

* System Configuration

* Employee Onboarding

We have years of experience in not only recruitment and onboarding but also a wide pool of candidates sourced out from job portals, database, and other recruitment resources exclusive to CLEAR. But it doesn’t end there of course. We also help you manage your outsourcing solution through:

* Outsourcing Management

* Human Resources

* Operational Assistance

As you can see, we make it a point to make sure that we are involved not only in setup but also in the day to day management of your outsourcing solution to ensure that you maximize your customized outsourced solutions and the odds for your business’ success. We have one of the lowest attrition rates in the Philippine Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry through a combination of sounds management principles as well as a unique and creative retention program.

Our options for dedicated resources include but not limited to:

* Accountants

* Customer Service Officers

* Database Administrators

* Graphic Designers

* Social Media Manager

* Virtual Assistant

* Human Resource Administrator

CLEAR provides customized outsourced solutions such as Dedicated Outsourced Staffing to small to medium size companies in Australia. Our management team has extensive experience in delivering Philippine outsourced solutions for companies in Australia.

Get in touch with CLEAR Corporate Solutions for a free consultation at info@clearcorpsolutions.com. If you’re in Australia, you can reach us at 1300 300 269.

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