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Good bookkeeping is not just data entry; it provides accurate and timely information about your business.

A CLEAR bookkeeping solution will help you run your business better, while reducing your bookkeeping costs.

CLEAR uses a structured project management approach that builds on our years of experience developing and deploying outsourced solutions for Australian businesses. We work with you to define, refine and deploy a tailored bookkeeping solution that gives you the tools to better manage your company. CLEAR is a Xero-certified partner and all of our bookkeeping staff are Xero-certified advisors.

Your solution will fit your needs. It may encompass recording sales, purchases, revenues and expenses. It may extend to processing invoices, creating payments and reconciling bank statements. All those elements will be delivered accurately by our experienced team so that your accountant needs to spend less time on your year-end accounts. We can handle high transaction volumes so you always have ‘live’ information.

As important, CLEAR’s solutions provide management reporting. These tools allow you to quickly assess where your business is running well and areas for improvement. Is job costed accurately? Is that job actually profitable for your business? Are you keeping working capital down without it affecting your service delivery?

CLEAR’s solutions are also cost effective. You will save money compared to an Australian bookkeeper, who will typically just be capturing data and not providing any forward-looking information. You also pay a single all-in fee and don’t need to worry about managing internal staff or paying their associated costs.

A small investment of money and time is all you need to get your CLEAR solution in place. Please get in touch with us on 1300 300 269 or at info@clearcorpsolutions.com for a free consultation. We’d love to show you how CLEAR can help your business thrive.