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Write Content for People First and Search Engines Second

What most people don’t understand about content writing is that people should always come first before search engines.

I know what you’re thinking: won’t writing this way hurt search engines’ feelings? And the answer is: not at all. Content that has been written specifically with people in mind and aims to deliver something of value to the reader will most likely rank higher in search engines anyway.

Even search engines these days understand the need to think of people first by driving them to:

• Content that has relevance
• Websites that has higher authority

The name of the game is compelling content and the winners are the people who can write amazing content, so much so that their readers will want to link and share it with their own network. If you can do this consistently, your trust and authority will help grow your website’s readership as well as its ranking.

Keyword research is still crucial of course. You can’t go writing content without direction or focus except now, the content you write should be interesting content (something that an actual human being would want to read).

Let us help you craft a content marketing plan that delivers value for your readers.

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