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When we talk about outsourcing, businesses have different opinions. Some swear by it and some hate it. Below, we discuss some of the greatest myths of outsourcing:

Outsourcing Means Sacrificing on Quality

It's easy to associate outsourcing to cost savings alone and many businesses look for the cheapest solution. As a result, businesses do not always get the right person for the right job or fail to provide adequate training. This is happening to businesses in Australia. Poor recruitment processes and a lack of planning, training and management of the solution effects quality - not the decision to outsource. These business decisions can impact the customer experience and results will be disappointing - but it doesn't have to be.

Successful outsourcing begins with a clear plan. At CLEAR, we work with you to identify your desired outcomes and then develop a plan of implementation. Together, we identify roles and processes to be 'outsourced'  We employ quality professionals for your business who are highly skilled and are available at a lower cost than Australian personnel.

The decision to outsource should not be based on cost alone. We see cost as a bi-product of your decision to outsource where you have access to a larger pool of staff who are highly educated, experienced, compliant to processes and will represent a significant reduction in staffing and associated office costs.

Outsourcing Solves All of Your Problems

Whilst outsourcing is a great way to introduce some efficiencies and reduce staffing costs, it is not the answer to all business problems. Some businesses take their outsourcing solutions too far and move critical business processes that need to stay in Australia, whilst others are too conservative and don't rust their outsourcing partner to do anything. For so many small businesses experiencing shrinking margins, their first try at outsourcing comes from a decision to drive down costs. But so often, they forget to plan their solution correctly, and find themselves doing the same work twice and not actually saving anything.

On the other hand, things will go south easily if you're employing for the wrong aspects of your business. Too often, companies decide to outsource a project for the wrong reasons – perhaps the project is behind schedule or over the budget – and then someone decides the best course is to take on out of house support. Take the time to evaluate parts of your businesses that can be sent offshore and come back to you with a summary of results and hurdles. Outsourcing is a process that supplies qualified hands faster at the fraction of the local cost. However, as a business, you must examine first the real reason for your problem. It is important for business owners to be aware that the whole production is sound before reaching out to third-party firms for something it was not designed to do.

At CLEAR, we identify from the very beginning what your objectives are and the plan of implementation for your final solution. We have an array of services solutions ranging from bookkeeping to getting a full time dedicated resource recruited specifically for your needs. We can also assist with consulting services to build outsourced services from the ground up. One of the most critical elements of our service offering is assisting clients in establishing and documenting processes and work flow for the migration of their work. Our end solution should not just reduce costs, it should also introduce process efficiencies to your business which may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Outsourcing Is Only for Big Companies

It is easy to associate outsourcing with big business ventures. Telstra employs over 14,000 staff in the Philippines alone, so outsourcing is certainly alive and well in the big end of town. However, outsourcing is not just for multi-million dollar enterprises. On the contrary, smaller businesses benefit more from outsourcing compared to the giants.

Many startups venture into businesses wearing all the caps that are needed to run a business. In the beginning, this is fine when it is all about growing the client base and 'getting stuff done'. But  before losing sight of growing your business, remember that, as your company expands to take on more clients, your staff may not have the bandwidth to manage particular projects and your profits will suffer or worse still, you won't have time to work on your business anymore as you will be too busy fixing problems yourself.

At the end of the day, I asked myself: 'Do I want to be the bookkeeper or the MD of my company?' The answer was clear.

That's where CLEAR comes in. We can get you the staff, the expertise, and the specialists for what you need that you may focus on the bigger picture. We take care of the rest. We employ quality professionals at 50-70% lower costs that employing an individual in Australia. Your CLEAR staff members are our employees but are your dedicated resources. You get to set their work objectives like you would a regular staff. As their employer, CLEAR takes care of everything else. If you don't even want to handle the operational work objectives, CLEAR can tailor a solution to manage the end-to-end service for you allowing things to "just get done".

Our client Greg, the director of a recruitment company of 5 staff, came to us for expert advice. He wasn't keeping up with his invoicing and client billing was being overlooked. The debtor balance was growing and he wasn't in control of his cashflow. CLEAR took over his bookkeeping and now stay on top of his client invoicing, supplier payments and debtors. Greg gets regular reports showing his cash situation and work in progress reporting customised to his industry. We sat down with him once and asked why he chose to outsource and this was what he had to say: "At the end of the day, I asked myself: 'Do I want to be the bookkeeper or the MD of my company?' The answer was clear."

Choose the right partner for your outsourcing solution. Call us at 1300 200 269 or email us info@clearcorpsolutions.com for more information.