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The Impact of Instagram

Social media evolves rapidly. New channels emerge, once popular platforms fall out of favour.

How does your brand hit a constantly moving target?

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are many people’s social media mainstays and are key planks in a digital marketing strategy. However, marketers are increasingly bringing Instagram into their strategies.

Instagram has taken big steps to bolster its ecommerce attractiveness with new tools for business. These innovations will make it easier for businesses to run and analyse ad campaigns through Instagram’s mobile applications.

Why Instagram?

Visually appealing. Brand and personality make an eye-catching ad. With Instagram’s highly visual display, businesses can create more engaging storytelling.

Know your metrics. Impressions, reach, website clicks and data on followers are easily analysable.

User friendly. A new menu allows users to easily call, text, email or get directions to a company. It also offers custom targeting and an API (or toolkit) that makes it easy to pair with Instagram ad partners.

Research on Facebook says about 60% of Instagram users learn about products and services through Instagram. Whilst 75% state they take a call to action after seeing an Instagram post. That includes visiting the website, liking the post, searching for the product and sharing it with their friends.

Today, about 400 million people have Instagram accounts. And 200,000 marketers have access to this pool of smart phone users.

CLEAR has a staff of ‘digital natives’ that can help you maintain and increase your online presence. Through Instagram's best practices, we can help you stand out amongst the 80 million photos being uploaded each day.

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