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Let’s face it: nobody likes a hard sell.

Most hard sell strategies are aggressive and put a tremendous amount of pressure on a prospective client. This can be a big turn off to most people: come on too strong and your offer gets rejected regardless of its merit. It does work from time to time however but mostly with clients who have already made up their mind and are ready to buy.

These days the recommended route is the soft sell, which focuses on the relationship building aspect of the sales process. There’s less pressure on the prospective client and the whole experience is more pleasant. Additionally, studies suggest that clients acquired through the use of soft sell methods tend to be repeat customers due to the already established relationship with the provider.

Here are some ways you can harness the power of the soft sell for your business:

Educate your clients

Focus on creating content that educates potential clients on why your product and/or service are superior to competition and why using it will benefit their business. Instead of saying it outright you can cite reports and studies to make your point. Aside from blog articles, you can also increase engagement by including photos, infographics, and videos in your content.

Provide free stuff

People love free stuff. Invest time and resources in creating quality engaging content that prospective clients can read, view, or download for free. Make it easy for users to share it with their network to give you as wide a reach as possible. Webinars, white papers, e-books, videos, podcasts, and mobile games are especially popular.

Ask for testimonials

Nothing inspires confidence like other extolling the wonder of your virtues (or in this case, your product and/or service). Ask your clients for a few positive words about your and your business that you can feature prominently in your website. Testimonials help paint a positive picture of your company while promoting the success of your clients.

Public speaking

If the opportunity presents itself, agree to share your expertise via a public forum such as a convention or even a podcast. Public speaking positions you as a subject matter expert, bolstering your popularity as well as your credibility at the same time. It allows you to engage a bigger audience and establish rapport without having to resort to hard-sell techniques.

One last thing to remember: make sure there is a call to action at the end of all your soft sell activities. While soft sell activities tend to be subtler, the end goal remains the same and that is to sell something.

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