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Businesses began outsourcing their processes for three main reasons:

• To be more flexible, able to upscale or downscale their workforce at a fraction of the time it would have in an in-house team
• To be more agile, able to respond faster to market conditions and opportunities as they become more available
• To be more cost efficient

The initial business process that was outsourced was back office stuff that included bookkeeping and accounting. As time went on however, businesses discovered that there are a myriad of tasks that can be outsourced.

These are just some of them:

Social Media Management

The world of Social Media has become very ubiquitous as of late and very specialized. Businesses often invest time and resources to establish a presence online but it is a business process that is best left to experts. Social Media monitoring, engagement, and marketing frequently requires vigilance which is better addressed through an outsourcing solution because it only costs a fraction of what it would have cost had an in-house solution been chosen.

Administrative Assistance

There was a time when Administrative Assistance needed a hands-on approach but these days, with advances in modern technology and with all the available communication and collaboration tools, there’s no reason why Admin Assistants have to be on-site to perform their tasks. This allowed clients to free up their time and go globetrotting while maintaining contact with their assistants who make sure that their business remains well organized.

Financial Advice and Paraplanning

The most common worries for outsourcing Financial Advice and Paraplanning is security and rightfully so. Sensitive client data and their finances are at stake and this information falling in the wrong hands can be disastrous but advances in security technology and proper precaution has also made this problem a non-issue. Facilities that are systemically and procedurally secure make sure that client’s data are as safe as if they have it on their on system and on-site.

Website Design and Development

The majority of the work of designing and developing a website doesn’t actually require the client to be present. Most of it can be done remotely including QA and testing so it makes perfect sense that website design and development are one of those tasks that is perfect for outsourcing. Outsourcing this task also allows the business access to a bigger pool of talent that would normally not be available had the task been sourced out locally.

Screening and Recruitment

Screening and recruiting people is a very time and resource intensive business process and yet a necessary one. Many businesses have actually turned to outsourcing this business process freeing up resources and re-allocating them for another purpose as well as increasing their margin because of lower costs. This especially is great for Labour Hire groups where screening, recruitment, and managing people is the lifeblood of their business.

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