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It’s a story we’ve all heard before: the little online store that could.

It started from a gem of an idea you nourished regularly with attentive tender loving care. Then one day, whether by chance or through sheer hard work, your online store is suddenly thrust into the spotlight. Almost overnight, you’re swamped with orders and inquiries.

You’ve been dreaming of this forever but you never really thought it could happen. Now that it’s here it’s become more of a nightmare.

You’re hard pressed to keep up with the almost insatiable demand for your products; orders slip through the cracks; customers complain about the quality of service; your books are a mess; and everything is out of control. The worst part is you’re ill-equipped to take advantage of all the attention you’re getting and the traffic your store is generating.

You would think that the solution is simple: you just need more people to help you keep up with demand. But how does one go about it exactly? Outsourcing is one solution that is not always suggested but is actually perfect especially for such a situation.

There’s a misconception that outsourcing is only for big continent spanning businesses yet nothing could be further from the truth. Outsourcing has a lot to offer even to the small time business person. Outsourcing has allowed start ups and small operations access to services such as customer service, design and creative, sales and marketing, and accounting giving them the ability to better compete with their bigger counterparts.

Not only that, outsourcing allows for a flexibility a traditional work setup cannot offer.

• Outsourcing lets the business owner grow or scale down his services, as dictated by prevailing market conditions, allowing you to run that small business from Bali or the comfort of Bondi just like you dreamed of when you started
• Outsourcing provides significant savings because of more cost efficient labour costs
• Access to a wider variety of skills and talents which wouldn’t have been normally available or affordable

Outsourcing provides the small to medium sized business owners the means to ride the big wave when it finally comes along and make sure they take full advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity.

CLEAR provices customised outsourced solutions to small to medium size companies in Australia. Our solutions include dedicated outsourced staffing, finance services, and marketing and creative. Find out more on how you can use outsourcing to give your online store the competitive advantage.

Contact CLEAR today to discuss your Philippines outsourcing requirement. Email us at info@clearcorpsolutions.com. If you’re in Australia, you can reach us at 1300 300 269.