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Branding is an essential part of business.

It tells people who you are, what you stand for, and what you can do for your audience. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself and gain traction in the marketplace, branding simply cannot be ignored.

This kind of communication requires the expertise and creativity of specialists such as marketers and graphic designers. Unfortunately, most small to medium sized businesses do not have the budget to hire full time marketers or the creative specialists required for brand building. Because of this, some businesses opt instead to do it themselves or forgo it entirely.

Failing to invest time and resources in building your brand however, can potentially be disastrous and can even prevent you from reaching your full potential as a business.

Access to marketing and creative services need not break the bank.

More and more business have begun outsourcing their non-core business process requirements, including branding and marketing, instead of hiring a full time employee. Outsourcing has many advantages including:

1. Significant savings
2. Flexibility, allowing management to scale up (or down) operations as dictated by market conditions
3. The freedom to focus on their your core business functions

The Philippines has become a favorite outsourcing destination because of its people’s ability to speak English well and its strong affinity for Western Culture. Even before the BPO industry boomed, the country already had an extensive history in providing creative services to the rest of the world.

The Philippines is particularly well-known for its animators, illustrators, and graphic designers.

Today you can outsource practically any marketing and creative services your business requires such as:

Logo Designs
Business Card Designs
PowerPoint Presentations
Poster and Flyer Design
Magazine Layouts
Banner Advertisements
Character Designs
Comic Book Production
Motion Graphics

And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

CLEAR provides customised outsourcing solutions for small to medium sized businesses in Australia, taking into consideration your specific needs. You can outsource your marketing and creative services requirements on a per project or per hour basis depending on what works best for your business.

Contact CLEAR today to discuss your Marketing and Creative Services outsourcing needs. Email us at info@clearcorpsolutions.com. If you’re in Australia, you can reach us at 1300 300 269.