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How to make it BIG in Facebook

Everyone is in Facebook these days, it seems and the rest of the world seems to be quickly following. There are currently 1.65B monthly active Facebook users all over the world and quickly growing (as in 5 new FB profiles get created every second…EVERY second).

That sounds like a place you’d like to be especially if you’re a new business trying to drum up some attention for your products and services but how exactly do you get big in Facebook?

Here are some ideas:

Invest time, love, and tenderness

Like any great relationships, making it big in Facebook needs investment and some TLC (otherwise known as time, love, and tenderness). It might sound funny but it doesn’t make it any less true. You’ll also have to allocate resources and get to know not only your brand but the audience that patronize it or the ones that you hope will patronize it.

Make sure the content fits the platform

What works on Twitter or Instagram will not necessarily work on Facebook and vice-versa. Make sure you tailor your content specifically for Facebook and that you’re taking advantage of its unique strengths. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that one type of content will fit all platforms. That’s just lazy and you’ll be doing your brand and your audience a disservice.

Publish regularly and consistently

Publishing regularly and consistently builds trust and keeps your audience coming back again and again especially if you’re churning out quality and compelling content on Facebook (because there’s a lot of fluff out there and people are always on the look out for the good stuff). This also makes it easier for people to recommend you to their network because of the trust you built.

Know what’s up, what’s hot, and yourself

There are 3 things I always tell people who ask what content they should be putting out on Facebook: news that’s related to your brand (but not a direct competitor), what’s currently trending (and finding some way to relate it to your brand), and yourself. More than anything else, the content you should be putting out should be mostly interesting stuff about you.

Let us help you get big on Facebook.

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