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Get Visual in your Visuals

Human beings are very visual people. A little over 90% of transmitted information in the human brain is visual. Research at the 3M Corporation concluded that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Images are the most easily remember things by our brains and are essential for our learning.

Imagine this if you can: if someone says to you “apple” chances are you’re not going to be thinking the word A-P-P-L-E. The fruit may come to mind or even the company that produces the iPhone and the Macintosh Computer but it will seldom be the word itself.

So how does this affect the way you do your business?

Quite simply, if you want to reach a bigger audience and grow your business, you’re going to have to get visual in a big way but before you do you must realize that getting visual doesn’t mean just getting any old image from the web and slapping it on your marketing and advertising materials. It doesn’t work that way (or else we’d all be filthy rich by now).

Here are a few questions to help you decide if the image you selected is the right one:

Does your visual represent your idea or convey your message?

Most business would just settle for a pretty picture to accompany their advertisement without considering if it’s an apt fit for what they’re trying to do. This is inefficient at the least and potentially disastrous at the worst. A disconnect between the words and the images not only wastes the audience’s time but it could also inadvertently send the wrong message.

Does it offer a positive representation of your product or service?

In instances like these you have to cultivate the ability to think like your audience and be able to put yourself in their shoes. You have to figure out how the images you choose to accompany your communications will be received and take into consideration the variety of context the materials will be received (which is very important because everything is relative).

Will it look good on both desktop and mobile?

It’s now common knowledge that mobile is outstripping desktops in accessing the Internet and the trend promises to continue. It the light of such almost geometric growth, it behooves business owners and designers alike to make sure that the materials they produce for marketing and advertising purposes looks good and consistent in both platforms.

To see is to believe, they say.

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