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The term virtual assistant was born 1996, coined by life coach Thomas Leonard and borrowed by Anastacia Brice to name the new profession. Anastacia went on to open the first organisation for Virtual Assistants in February 1997.

Previously just a sub-category of secretarial services it now stands on equal footing with its mother profession and grows in demand especially by small to medium size businesses because of its cost and work efficiency.

But what does a virtual assistant do?

Virtual assistants, for the most part, focus on administrative tasks that are similar to those of an executive assistant or secretary. These tasks included but are not limited to the following:

• Manage email enquiries
• Research and documentation
• Encoding and transcription
• Invoicing and basic bookkeeping
• Keeping you organised

These days however, virtual assistants with certain specializations beyond administrative and secretarial services are also growing in demand. Virtual Assistants with knowledge in design, customer service, and online marketing for example are also becoming sought after.

But why the ongoing shift to go virtual with assistants?

Several things have contributed to the trend. Improved connectivity, new communication technology, and collaborative platforms have certainly had a hand in the rise of the Virtual Assistant, minimizing the need for on-site secretarial services. Outsourcing and lower cost is another major factor for the rising preference for Virtual Assistants, eliminating the need for superannuation, income taxes, and other related cost for an in-house employee.

CLEAR provides customised outsourced solutions to small to medium size companies in Australia. Our Management team has extensive experience in recruitment, integration management, and delivering Philippines outsourced solutions for companies in Australia.

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