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There was a time when the online space was more of a novelty than anything else.

These days the Internet has become an omnipresent part of most people’s lives, with roughly half of the world’s population currently on the web. With the sheer number of individuals online, businesses and companies have followed suit. Any commercial entity wanting to do business has to include the online space in their marketing plan.

Designing and executing an online marketing plan for the web can be daunting however.

Online marketing, also known as digital marketing, is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them.

Online Marketing has four key objectives:

1. Promote brands
2. Build preference
3. Engage with customers
4. Increase sales

Traditional marketing and advertising models tended to be one-way streets, with the target market unable to provide real time feedback. Digital marketing and advertising activities tend to behave more like conversations where the audience is a very active participant in the campaign instead of being a passive receiver.

Your online marketing campaign not only has to be brilliant, it has to be social. It must be run and executed by people who are not only social themselves but also understand the online space.

CLEAR provides customised outsourced solutions to small to medium size companies in Australia. Our team has extensive experience in designing and executing online marketing campaigns especially in the realm of media buying and social media.

If you want to find out more about outsourcing your online marketing requirements to the Philippines, get in touch with CLEAR Corporate Solutions for a free consultation at info@clearcorpsolutions.com. If you’re in Australia, you can reach us at 1300 300 269.

We’d love the opportunity to show you what CLEAR can do for your business using online marketing.