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"I was reluctant to try offshore outsourcing. But CLEAR was there to guide me through the process. I couldn't be happier about making that decision and it has been a massive turning point in our business. Now I have time to focus on my clients and growing the business whilst CLEAR look after my reception, administration and finances. It lets me get back to doing what I am good at and what I wanted to do when I started my business."
-Brad Hall, Hall Cycling

"I had been using a bookkeeper in Australia for some time. When I moved across to CLEAR, they took control of my accounts, receivables management and started producing management reports that really allowed me to understand how my business was tracking. I never knew what I was missing out on until I partnered with CLEAR."

"CLEAR has been a true partner for our payroll team solution. The CLEAR Team understand our business requirements and work with us constantly to ensure the highest result is achieved.  CLEAR make it easy for us to ensure that everything runs smoothly. CLEAR recruit high performing individuals with the right skillset to deliver accurate and on-time payroll for our Australian employees.  The services provided by CLEAR are top quality, the team are professional and have a fantastic work ethic."
-Group Payroll Manager, ASX Listed Labour Hire Business

"My Payroll Team in the Philippines are the hardest working individuals I have come across.  Smart, conscientious and reliable.  The most rewarding role of my Payroll Career has been the period spent working with the CLEAR Team in Makati.  It was terrific to work with a Team that was able to adapt to our needs so willingly and effectively, and I commend them for the dedication and professionalism displayed by the entire team."
-Caren Brown,