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As you take a moment to think about your business goals for 2015, consider outsourcing. It delivers business savings and improves efficiencies allowing you and your team to focus on your core business. It's a better way to manage your business.

As 2014 drew to a close, Australian businesses started looking for more in their outsourcing solutions. The following trends are emerging for 2015.

The Need for Highly Qualified, University-Educated Staff

More and more businesses are requiring specialised outsourced staff to cater to more and more specific needs rather than the generic "assistant" that waits for their next instruction.
Companies are now demanding for field-specialists from their off-shore service providers that provide better output than the generalist staff that require intensive training and guidance.
Flexible Contracts and Terms
Australian small to medium businesses are seeking flexibility in their contracts with off-shore providers to cater to versatile needs. More and more companies are looking to be able to increase resources quickly and downsize when needed and have flexible, customised solutions that fits their requirements.
Every client's goals are unique. Some businesses build up services that grow more complex over time. Companies are now looking for off-shore services that can scale accordingly and provide a diverse range of support. More creative solutions involve multiple positions and the migration of parts of and entire functions. Clients often "grow" into a solution expanding from specific positions and functions over time.

Increased Data Protection and Confidentiality
Since recent events of digital hacks around the world, SMEs are looking into facilities with securities specifically designated for the provision of outsourced services. Companies across the board are now requiring higher security standards from their providers to protect their client data. Privacy laws and data security are a critical responsibility of the business and providers are expected to comply. Off-shore partners have to understand the laws, educate staff and provide secure facilities. Data protection risks are seeming Companies moving away from "work from home solutions" that cannot offer this same type of protection of client data.

CLEAR and Simple Terms
Australian enterprises are asking for transparent pricing. All charges should be known from inception to properly calculate budget and costs.
All of these and more are business basics for CLEAR. CLEAR Corporate Solutions provides outsourcing solutions to Australian small to medium sized businesses

Companies seeking innovation, flexibility, scalability in their operations and a partner they can trust can achieve this through outsourcing with CLEAR.

Contact us now to learn more about your next best investment: 1300 200 269(AUS) or 632 552 7101(PH) or email us: info@clearcorpsolutions.com.

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